Legislative Position Papers

The New York Health Plan Association (HPA) offers its views through Legislative Position Papers ”memos of support or opposition” on various health care topics and pending legislation related to health care and health insurance.

You may search HPA's legislative positions by topic, bill number, or by entering a key word in the search box. It is possible you may not find a legislative update on a particular issue as HPA does not comment on every bill and every topic.


A.700 - Prescriber Prevails - MMC Carve Out

A.1378 - AG Departmental on Contraceptive Coverage

S.1870/A.2442 - MLTC TBI Care Out Support Memo

A.2370 - HMO Contracts

A.2389 - Credentialing

A.2539 - Clinical Peer Reviewer

A.4233 - Medicaid PDP Uniform Formulary

A.4472 - MD Collective Bargaining

S.4371/A.4738 - New York Health (single payer)



S.4417-A/A.2888-A - Westchester County Health Care Delivery System Network

S.6962-A/A.10478 - Abuse Deterrent Drug Mandate

S.3419-B/A.2834/B—Step Therapy

S.5062-A/S.3525-A - New York Health - Single Payer

S.7686/A.10026 - An Act to amend the public health law, in relation to prescription drug cost transparency.

A.9271 - Medicaid PDL Uniform Formulary

A.4871 - Prohibits incentives to health care providers for prescription drugs

S.1157-A/A.336-A - MD Collective Bargaining

A.2210 - HMO Contracts

A.1932 - One-Year Access

A.1174 - Prescriber Prevails - MMC Carve Out

S.6013-A/A.8135-B - AG Departmental on Contraceptive Coverage

S.2303/A.1193 - Limits the use of Extrapolation in Physician Overpayments

S.2530/A.6194 - Anti Mail Order Pharmacy

S.2809-A/A.4036 - A - Drug Synchronization

A.443-A - Credentialing




S.3525-A.5062 - Single Payer

A.2210 - HMO Contracts

A.443-A - Credentialing

A.1932 - One-Year Access

S.2530/A.6194 - Anti Mail Order Pharmacy Memo AND FTC letter on Mail Order Bill

Senate Budget on Office-Based Surgery Facility Fee

S.4783-A/A.445-A - Clinical Peer Reviewer

A.2061 - OBS Facility Fee Mandate

S.3419/A.2834 - Anti Step Therapy

S.4893/A.7208 - Medicaid Prescriber Prevails Provider Has Final Determination


S.3995-A/A.5723-A — Anti Mail Order Pharmacy

S.2078-A/A.5389 — A New York Health (Single Payer)

S.7662-A/A.9943-A — Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

S.5937-A/A.8137-A  — Ostomy Mandate

S.7500-A-A.10091 - Third Party Payment of Premiums

S.5015-B-A.3088-C - Limits the use of extrapolation in physician overpayments


A.366-A — One Year Access

A.2693 — Clinical Peer Reviewer

A.4787 — Prohibits Incentives to Health Care Providers For Prescription Drugs

A.6560 — Prescriber Prevails - MMC Carve Out

S.2058/A.3031 — Leukocyte Antigen Testing Mandate

A.5352 — PBM Fudiciary

A.5216 — UCR Mandate

A.4466 — HMO Contracts

A.2673 — Credentialing

A.2691 — UR Agents

S.2711-A/A.5214-A — Anti Step Therapy

S.2944-A/A.7944 — OBS Facility Fee Mandate

S.3690/A.5692 — MD Collective Bargaining with Letter

S.4623/S.7071/S.7103 — Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Mandate

S.5851/A.8099-A — Infertility Specialty Mail Order Pharmacy

S.4328/A.7295 — Discontinuance Notices

S.5256/A.2691-A — Utilization Review


S.3186/A.2474 — Collective Bargaining and Fed. Trade Commission Letter

S.5068-A/A.7489-B — UCR Mandate

S.4597-B — OBS Facility Fee Mandate

A.4342 — Prohibits incentives to health care providers for prescription drugs


A.594 HMO Contracts

A.662 Clinical Peer Review

A.1808 One Year Access

A.2550 Child Health Plus OON Providers

A.4285 MHP CHPlus & FHPlus

A.4342 Prohibits incentives to health care providers

Opposition vs Support MD Collective Bargaining

S.114/A.256 Mental & Physically Disabled Dependents

S.1430/A.1219 Prescription Eye Drops Mandate

S.2590/A.6574 Anti-Epileptic Carve Out

S.2714/A.4093 Ambulance Direct Pay

S.2809-B/A.4009-B EI Budget Provision

S.3186-A/A.2474-A MD Collective Bargaining

S.3270/A.4492 Infant & Baby Formula Mandate

S.3510-B/A.5502-B Anti Mail Order

S.3988/A.6233 Oral Chemotherapy Mandate

S.4005/A.6305 Autism Mandate

S.4013-B/A.384-A PT Co-pays

S.4511/A.575 Credentialing

S.4597/A.7431 OBS Facility Fee Mandate

S.4664/A.809 PBM Fudiciary

S.4788/A.1540 HMO Liability

S.5068/A.7489 UCR Mandate

S.5110/A.6049 First Fail Prohibition-Anti Step Therapy


S.5204-A.4301-A MD Collective Bargaining

State Budget Prior Approval

State Budget Prior Approval:Myths-Facts

Issue Brief Truth About Health Ins Premiums:Rate Determination and Review


Exec Budget Health Plan Taxes

Exec Budget Health Plan Tax Piece Color

A.301 Rare Disease

A.633 One Year Access A.2008 PBM Fudiciary

S.1646 Mental Health Parity Permanent Extender

S.185/A.4572 PTSD in Mental Health Parity

A.3165 Website Provider Updates

A. 4301 MD Collective Bargaining

A. 723 Clinical Peer Reviewer

A. 726 HMO Contracts

A. 764 Credentialing

S.4080-A/A.7504-A Subrogation


S.8225A/A.11176A Municipality Community Rating

Budget Covered Lives Assessment

S.6818 Mental Health Parity

S.1312-A/A.2140-A Pharmacists as Immunizers

S.4675-A/A.10884-A Health Plan Wellness Programs

S.5861/A.9327-A Subrogation

A.11187 Pharmaceutical Protection GPB

S.1776 Anti Mail Order

S.5016 Anti Epileptic Carve Out

S.6818/A.10078 PTSD in MHP

S.1150B Chiropractic Payments

S.5413 Website Provider Updates

S.7516A Prohibits Incentives for Generics

S.8225 A Exempts Municipalities from Community Rating


A.2177 Collective Bargaining

A.3789 External Appeal

A.4607 Favored Nation Clause Prohibition

A.4609 Clinical Peer Review

A.5569 Emergency Contraception OTC

S.2108-A A.4308-A Early Intervention (Budget Bill)

S.2106-A/A.4306-A Subrogation (Budget Bill)

A.3597 School-based health centers direct access

S.1514/A.2930 HMO Liability A.6739 Single Source Drugs

A6341/S.2642 Pharmacy Benefit Managers Fiduciary

S.1776 Mail-Order Aging

S.5016 Anti-epileptic drugs substitutions

S.5413/A.3094 Website Provider Updates

S.5128/A.8364 Subrogation

A.7278/S.1776 Mail-order Aging

A.149/S.185 Donor Paid Leave

A.7368/S.4517 Flavored Cigarettes

A.8163 Credentialing

A.5291/S.5397 ADA Access

A.9263/S.6324 Mental Health Parity Cleanup

A.8128/S.3986-A Managed Care Program Bill

A.4859/S.5878 Healthy NY - 1199


A.1240/S.2759 Provider Continuity

A.1350 Worker's Compensation

A.2204 Most Favored Nations Provisions

A.2207 Child Health Plus School Clinics

A.2379 Contracting Restrictions

A2518 Prior Approval of Rates

A.2519/S.4347/A.2520/A.2521 Hospital Charity Care Reforms

A.4527/S.3340 Chiropractor Mandate Update

A.5408 Health Plan Liability

A.5863/S.441 Claims Mailing Address

A.6187 Surgical RNs

A.6458 MD Collective Bargaining

A.7351/S.4392 CPT Codes Mandate

A.7393 Written Authorizations Mandate

A.9573 Organ Donor Wages

A.10688 PBMs S.696/A.5574 RX Provider Spending Reform

S1987/A3106 Payment Lookback Limit

S3269/A6368 Provider Provisional Credentialing

S5125/A7488 Video Fluoroscopy Mandate

S5456a/A8420a Mail Order Drug Bill of Rights

S5635 Hysterectomy Coverage Mandate

S6576/A9658 Web Update Mandate

S7002 Health Plan Community Reinvestment

S7294/A10554 Consumer ID Cards

S7506 Mail Order RX

S8265/A11808 Mandatory Mail Order RX

S8488 HNY Union Benefits

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