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The New York Health Plan Association follows trending news on health care issues:


January 26, 2016ICYMI—A Standard & Poor's report on the effects of the Affordable Care Act in New York underscores the need to reform New York's rate setting process.

February 3, 2016 — In a “Time for Affordability” letter to New York lawmakers, the New York Health Plan Association outlines ongoing concerns about rising health care costs and ideas for addressing affordability.  
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March 2015Crain's New York Business Crain's New York Business raises concerns about the pace and long term impact of hospital mergers and consolidation in New York - concerns shared by the New York Health Plan Association.  Also concerning are regulations promoting further hospital collaborations that are likely to reduce competition and increase costs coupled with New York's prior approval process, which is suppressing rates while medical costs continue to rise and impeding efforts to ensure coverage remain affordable.


June 2013 — A Gannet News article and New York Post op-ed spotlight the issue that as everyone is working to get ready for the new health marketplace reality under the Affordable Care Act, one group, the Freelancers Union, is scrabbling to get special exemptions from the “onerous regulation and taxes” of the federal reform.

April 2013Washington Post op-ed points out that health reform efforts to date have been focused on restructuring the health insurance system and notes that without the same attention paid to reigning in the actual cost of care, our health care problems will remain.  

March 2013 — A Washington Post article by Ezra Klein explores the underlying principle for why health care is more expensive in the U.S. than other countries. A major part of the answer is that we haven’t done anything about the higher prices. (highlight Washington Post & link to PDF titled “Why an MRI costs…”)

March 2013 — A report, issued by a consortium of health care purchasers and a nonprofit group seeking to improve health care with evidence-based incentive programs, says consumers are not being given information they need on the cost of health care. New York received an “F” for its laws on transparency. (highlight “report” & link to PDF on “transparency”)

February 2013 — A New York Times article explores the issue of out-of-network charges and how some physicians are driving up those costs. (highlight NY Times & link to PDF on “Out-of-Network”)

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