In a statement released today, Eric Linzer, HPA President & CEO, stated:

“We welcome the Governor’s attention to drug pricing and his commitment to addressing the problem. When manufactures raise their prices – including on many drugs that have been around for years – it is often unclear that the increases are justified.

“The New York Health Plan Association has called for greater transparency around drug pricing as well as early warnings of price increases. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature on measures that will help provide meaningful relief to consumers, employers, providers, health plans, and the state who all bear the burden of rising prices.

“Keeping health care affordable is the number one challenge facing all of us in the health care system, and rising costs remains the most pressing health care issue facing employers and consumers.  Increases in prescription drug prices are one of the major factors in rising health care costs, and these drug costs pose a major threat to keeping health care affordable for employers and consumers. Greater understanding is needed into how drug companies set their prices and the rationale for price increases.”