NYHPA on “Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act of 2017”

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NYHPA on “Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act of 2017”

Statement by Paul Macielak, president and CEO

“We understand the desire of the Attorney General to protect the coverage New Yorkers have under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, the ‘Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act of 2017’ announced today goes far beyond the current federal contraceptive coverage policy he seeks to preserve, creating new health insurance mandates that will further drive up costs in New York.

“Requiring coverage of emergency contraception, a year’s worth of contraception, and voluntary sterilization procedures — for men and women — is inconsistent with existing coverage requirements. And saying New Yorkers should have ‘cost-free’ access to the coverage ignores the actual costs of the services.

“New York has a responsibility to ensure consumers have access to high quality and cost effective health care. This will remain true under any ‘repeal and replace’ efforts that threaten the coverage millions of New Yorkers have today, but the CCCA is at odds with this objective.”

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