NYHPA Events

Throughout the year, NYHPA holds events with educational, networking and sponsorship opportunities — seminars, webinars and the annual conference.

Our largest event, held annually, is the New York Health Plan Association (HPA) Annual Conference. Each conference attracts over 200 participants including health plan executives and senior management, state policymakers (legislative and agencies), consumers, physicians’ groups, hospitals, business leaders and key leaders in the health care industry.

Sponsorship & Exhibiting Opportunities

If your company or organization provides products and services geared toward assisting those involved in the health care industry, then you should be a part of our events. As an exhibitor, you get to showcase your products and services in front of your targeted demographic including high-level executives and senior management from health plans, hospitals, physicians groups, business leaders, state policymakers and other key leaders in the health care industry. Along with our annual conference, HPA also offers a series of webinars on a variety of topics to its membership. If your company has timely, relevant and innovative health care information that you would like to present to NYHPA members, you are invited to sponsor a webinar and share your expertise, research and best practices. All programs must be solely educational.

Our Members participate in innovative programs and research that promote the health and well being of New York State residents.