Time for Affordability

Time for AffordabilityFocus on Consumers

As health care reforms are taking hold, affordability remains a priority. However, numerous bills acted on by New York lawmakers this session impose new mandates for coverage that will impact health insurance costs—causing those costs to go up again. These new mandates in conjunction with New York’s existing rate setting laws is threatening a stable and sustainable health insurance marketplace in our state.

HPA has developed several memoranda that examine the cause and effect of New York’s current rate setting process and the introduction of new mandates on access to affordable health care coverage for New York consumers.

Focus on Drug Costs

In 2013, spending on prescription drugs jumped 13%. In 2014, drug spending saw another increase of more than 12%. While the price of drugs and the amount we spend continues to go up, consumers have little information about why.

The New York Legislature has introduced a bill, S.7686/A.10026, aimed at providing consumers with valuable information about prescription drug prices and the impact those prices have on the cost of health insurance and health care in our state. The New York Health Plan Association (HPA) supports this legislation that will provide transparency for consumers to assist them in making more informed choices about their prescription medications.

HPA has developed a set of memoranda focused on pharmacy costs and the need for transparency.